Hi, I’m Saeah.

I’m a freelance creative projects manager, writer, and editor based in Asheville, North Carolina.

I spent a lifetime trying to fit into a niche but have realized that I’m happiest when I’m nicheless – free to pursue many different things over the course of my life.

I’ve been a marine engineer, a dog walker, an event planner, writer, photographer, content marketer, editor, an officer in the Navy, executive assistant, yoga teacher, an energy auditor, beta reader, rock climber, researcher, and content marketer –among other things. I hope that as I get older, this list grows longer – not for accomplishment but as a testament to my love of learning and exploring.

I like to collect stories and perspectives. Stories like why a stranger is smiling, songs were written, and a dog might be fearful. And perspectives to broaden my understanding that my beliefs are not right or wrong – only some of many. And I do this in a neverending attempt to strengthen my connection to the world.

I work with businesses and individuals who have big goals but not enough time to achieve them. Because I’m a jack-of-all-trades type, I’m the one to call if you’re feeling overwhelmed. I can help take things off your plate and turn difficult tasks into easy ones. I’m a master organizer and a systems thinker. I can break down BIG projects into accomplishable steps and also turn your small idea into a project with a solid plan for execution.

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