Hi, I’m Saeah.

I’m a freelance creative projects manager, writer, and editor based in Asheville, North Carolina. I specialize in helping people publish and distribute their books independently.

I’ve been a marine engineer, a dog walker, an event planner, writer, photographer, content marketer, editor, an officer in the Navy, executive assistant, yoga teacher, an energy auditor, beta reader, rock climber, researcher, and content marketer – among other things. I hope that as I get older, this list grows longer – not for accomplishment but as a testament to my love of learning and exploring.

I like to collect stories and perspectives. Stories like why a stranger is smiling, songs were written, and a dog might be fearful. And perspectives to broaden my understanding that my beliefs are not right or wrong – only some of many. And I do this in a never ending attempt to strengthen my connection to the world.

My life has always been centered around books. As a kid, I always had at least ten books checked out from the library. And that’s still true now. I collect my favorite books in various languages. I love the look and feel of a well designed book in my hands. Even when I moved out of my two bedroom condo and sold all my stuff, I still kept my 30 boxes of books. My friends sigh when I drag them into a bookstore because they know I’ll be there for at least two hours. I find solace in libraries. My favorite travel spots are local indie bookstores even when I can’t speak their language.

So it’s natural, that I found home in helping others publish their books.

Do you have a dream of publishing a book someday but don’t know where to start? A manuscript that that’s collecting dust because you can’t get it in the hands of an agent or publisher? A book that you’ve already self-published that doesn’t seem to be taking off?

One of my favorite things is to help people find a way to finish, publish and distribute their books. I’ll help you figure out how based on your budget and time. I’ll develop a roadmap so that you can do it all yourself! Or if you’re overwhelmed, take it off your hands completely.

And do it in a way so that you keep the rights and understand the process.

Not bored yet? You can read a bit more about me here.

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