What I’m Doing Now

I recently moved to Asheville, North Carolina.

I’ve taken things off my plate. My old “career”, photography, The Imperfectionist, and all other projects have been on hold for a year. It wasn’t a decision I made deliberately, but then I realized I needed it.

I began the hard work of living by my eulogy virtues instead of the resume ones. After 32 years of conditioning, this was really, really hard. It’s still hard. A daily practice with meditation, yoga, and journaling and a true shift in perspective helped.

I’m walking dogs and doing freelance work online. But my real work is meditating two hours a day and practicing yoga daily.

Reading a short story, essay, and poem daily and reading a book and watching a film weekly are how I’ll focus my inputs for 2019. I’m writing almost every day, but not sharing yet…maybe soon.

I’m safeguarding all my time and energy. Saying no to almost everything. I’m focused on learning and creating for myself.

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

Thanks to Derek Sivers for inspiring this Now page.

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