I’m in Asheville, North Carolina.

I’m helping Derek Sivers independently publish and distribute his books. His latest book, How to Live, releases this week!

I recently produced My SuperHero Foods, a children’s book about healthy eating. We managed all aspects of the book production process (including illustrations), and set up their author platform including their website and social media. It was a blast to see that book come together! And we’re already working on the second book in the series.

I have more than a dozen titles in my current queue of projects including The Military Money Manual, a book about ocean plastic, a deck of cards on creativity, a hiking guide for South Korea, poetry books, and more. Some are full production projects, and some as just single aspects of the production process (like editing). But the primary focus is on creating beautiful sewn, print books and helping authors fulfill direct orders (those they sell from their own site and not through Amazon).

My partner and I are also slowly developing a homestead on almost 100 acres of land. It’s a lifetime project. We’re focused on wild gardening…cultivating food sources that will grow on their own. I love a good volunteered plant! We’re learning more about permaculture, native plants ,and foraging. My partner is building a road. I’m building some more worm bins for vermicomposting and hope to set up a greenhouse soon. I can’t wait to get alpacas and a couple of donkeys. .

And here’s what I’m reading.

Updated: September 8, 2021

Thanks to Derek Sivers for inspiring this Now page.