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Feeling overwhelmed? Let me help!

Educated as a marine engineer, I’ve worked in major shipyards and sailed aboard merchant ships. I spent five years developing technical & operational strategies to reduce fuel consumption on merchant ships managing an R&D portfolio of over 300 projects. I spent ten years in the US Navy Reserves and three years on active duty as the Operations Officer in South Korea and the Engineering Officer-in-Charge in Singapore, managing the maintenance activities for over 50 ships across Asia. I’ve managed a staff of around 50 people.

In recent years, I made a shift to freelancing. I’ve worked on many different projects but spend most of my time as an executive assistant specializing in writing & editing and creative projects management. I’m a jack of all trades type. If I haven’t done it already then I can teach myself. Through my background, I can edit your work to perfection and create engaging content that will connect to any reader. I can provide direction on large scale projects and can advise in the strategies to help any startup grow. I can plan large events for many people or help you create the perfect travel itinerary for two. With my technical background, I can turn your complicated concept into content that will engage any reader.

I can help you accomplish your big, creative goals by showing you that difficult and overwhelming tasks are doable. I’m hyper-focused and my brain is wired to think in schedules. Most importantly, I’m a master organizer, so I know how to do these things quickly and efficiently.

My past & current freelance clients include Derek Sivers, Konsus, and Shuttout, and James Flynn – to name a few.

I’m a learning addict, and my experience outside of work brings just as much to my freelance work as my years working out of an office. I lived out of a backpack for over a year, and I’ve traveled and lived in over 50 countries. I’m a rock climber & hiker. I’m a scuba diver & dancer. I have been a photographer for many years, and I have a blog called The Imperfectionist. I’m a certified yoga teacher and have been playing the piano since I was 4 years old. I read a lot – everything from poetry to literature to philosophy to biographies.

My unique background will provide a fresh perspective on the work that you need.


  • I don’t know! I’m just really overwhelmed and need help!
  • I have an idea and I don’t know how to make it happen!
  • I want to build an online presence (a website, e-commerce store, social media), and I don’t know how!
  • I need help managing my creative projects!
  • Part-time Senior Executive Assistant for a company, brand-new startup or individual.
  • Ghostwriting, technical writing, and content marketing
  • Line & Copy Editing
  • Beta-Reading
  • Program Management
  • Self-Publishing Support
  • Any Project that Needs a Nitpicky, Perfectionist’s Eye
  • OR something else entirely

Get in touch! I reply to every single email and provide a thirty minute phone consultation for free!

Other skills/experience:

  • Graduated from the US Merchant Marine Academy in 2008, Summa Cum Laude, with a B.S. in Marine Engineering Systems, a minor in Nuclear Engineering and a concentration in Leadership and Ethics
  • Understand ship energy efficiency and energy auditing and shipboard environmental issues. I was once an AEE Certified Energy Manager. I was on the United States Delegation for the United Nations Marine Environmental Protection Committee for two years.
  • Ten years of experience as a photographer (I’m experienced with Lightroom and Photoshop and am familiar with Illustrator) and have an eye for details.
  • Familiar with social media marketing, content marketing, writing and editing, SEO, analytics
  • Worked on operations research projects related to energy baselining and calculating ship efficiency savings
  • Worked on a new construction shipbuilding project for three years
  • Ten years in the US Navy Reserve (selected for Lieutenant Commander)
  • Three years on active duty as Director of Operations, (AKA problem solver), an executive assistant to senior ranking military officers, and as an engineering officer-in-charge
  • Managed many crises in real-time environments (ship collisions, helicopter crashes, military exercises). So I stay calm and respond well in high-stress situations.
  • I worked on ships as a marine engineer, so not only am I tech-savvy, but I also know how to turn a wrench.
  • Visited and lived in over fifty countries (everything from backpacking on the cheap to staying in five-star hotels)
  • Planned events for up to 500 people and multi-day itineraries for three-star admirals and generals
  • Built multiple websites and am familiar with WordPress
  • Familiar with HTML and some CSS. Learning more programming.(Javascript is next)
  • Know how to vet and find freelancers through services like Upwork. I’ve hired dozens of freelancers over the past two years for clients.
  • Know how to use most social media platforms and many online tools

And if you made it to the bottom of this page and want to learn about me, the human, and not just about the things I’ve worked on, visit this page. 🙂