What I’m Doing Now

I’m working and living in Singapore. While I’m here, I’m learning how to balance my creative life with a full-time job.

I’m defining my values and areas of focus in my life. This involves a tree, roots, clusters, leaves, music, reading, writing, photography, authenticity, compassion, loving kindness, and more. I’m developing a graphic representation of this which will help me feel grounded, centered, and focused as I work on projects across my many areas of interest.

Speaking of areas of interest, I have struggled to center the dozens, sometimes hundreds, of ideas that come to me daily. Recently, I had abundant time but little focus. But now I have minimal time, and I’m forced to be focused. I tried one project at a time, and it doesn’t work for me. Instead, I’m allowing myself the space to explore while learning how to concentrate and set realistic daily goals.

Over time, you will see this site and my other projects merging together as I bring in my four curiosity clusters together in one place.

My plan for now is to have a project in each cluster:





  • Essays or book reviews and notes inspired by my inputs under the Read. and Listen. clusters.

Updated: August 6, 2017

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